We accept poetry submissions. Please submit separate works in separate files in a single submission. We will read up to three poetry pieces at the same time. Submissions exceeding three pieces may be rejected. Please only include your bio in the bio section. Please do not email with submission status inquiries unless your work has been submitted for more than three months. 

Upon acceptance of you will receive an email informing you of that acceptance and asking you to confirm your acceptance of our terms. If you do not do this your piece will not be published. After we receive notice of your confirmation, we will add your submission to the publishing calendar and send you an email with the publication date and an unindexed link to a draft of your piece. This link should not be used to share your piece, it is merely for you to use in proof. It is your responsibility to proof this link for any corrections in formatting and style. Unless we receive word from you by noon of the day the piece is slated for publication, we will run the piece as it is presented on the draft we provide. We will provide a new and shareable link once your piece is published.

Our publishing terms are simple: you give us a one-time right to publish this piece with an understanding that you have the right to publish again in a different outlet after 4 weeks of exclusivity on our site. We currently do not pay authors as the site itself does not generate any profit. 
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